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Gone Fishing…

A Search, but Why?

For Quietness and Inner Peace,

A Journey of Thought…

Yet the jam must be stirred.

Fishing for Truth, for Integrity,

For Hope and Eternal Life,

Fishing in the Sea of Quality…

Yet the jam must be poured.

~mountain fruit spreads~

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fig or not to fig

today was fig day. 12 pots full of black mission figs. around 1500 jars.

we like to cook fig fruit spreads, they are fairly easy to make and very forgiving durning every stage of cooking. fig fruit spreads have only three ingredients: black mission figs, cane sugar & lemon juice. the figs are cooked the first hour or so with only the lemon juice added in our 40 quart pots that are inside big double boil pots. durning the next hour cane sugar is introduced by mixing with large stainless steel paddles. after this hour has passed we often break the fruit up a bit with the help of a drill. by keeping the boilers full of water we can idle along the pots until each pot gets poured and capped.

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